Essential Party Information


  • Masks are required in the centre. They can be removed once the party starts and your guests are sat at tables.

  • Please arrive on time. We have a waiting area for parents that arrive a little early.

  • Please sanitise your hands upon arrival.




  • Unlimited free squash is included in your party. From the start till the end of your party, your party host will refill your jugs when they get empty

  • Pizza is served 1 hour after your party start time. The ratio is 1x 12" pizza to each 4 children (10 children = 2 and a half pizzas). The party host will take an order from the children to find out what kind of toppings they want.

  • Please let us know asap if any of your guests have allergies. For children that don't like pizza a suitable alternative is available.

  • You provide the cake and candles. We will wrap the cake and pop it into party bags to be eaten at home.

  • Please don't bring food to be eaten at Megazone. We're confident the pizza and fries is enough for most parties.

  • The cafe is open to party parents serving hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol and food.

  • If you'd like a tab for any additional drinks or food for parents or siblings, please let us know upon arrival.




  • Laser tag has a height and age restriction which is 6 years old and older and players must be 1.1 meter or taller.

  • Our party host will explain how to play and a game marshal will supervise the arena during the laser games.

  • You are welcome to invite parents to play laser tag. We charge £3 per game.




  • The balance for your party and any additional guests can be paid for on the day.