1511127_1607966036099443_1502423554351228464_n.jpgTAKE A LOOK INSIDE! Megazone's got a shiny new entrance, a newly refurbished arena and blurry faced staff members in several places at once. Have a walk around and see for yourself! You can see inside our party rooms, our briefing and vesting rooms and, most importantly, our arena. For parents bringing their kids, this might be the first time you've seen how awesome it looks beyond the briefing room door! Please do check out the arena... it's a little bit fantastic :)



We're celebrating Star Wars Day with a specially themed Twilight session, 7-9pm on bank holiday Monday, 4th May. Jedi-style laser battling, team rallying in the themed foyer, prizes-a-plenty and a FREE KAZOO for every player. This can only happen once a year. It's big. Invite your friends. Call us or join us on Facebook and invite your friends! 

11109548_10203823542850328_3237406072115749475_o.jpgLASER PHASORS ON CAPPUCINOS! We got a new toy and we're slowly getting amazing at using it. Getting plenty of practise in but then it helps that the disasters are delicious. Check out our progress and order one today!