From 13th July till 31st August, our Summer Mondays special is up to 4 hours of unlimited laser tag for only £10. Available 12-4pm and open to all ages.

Edit: Due to popular demand, Summer Mondays is now running on Tuesdays and Wednesdays too! 


Fill your boots and your gobs with candy floss! It's a £1 and the lovely robots inside the Sega machine make it for you fresh. Sticky delicky softness on a stick!

11109548_10203823542850328_3237406072115749475_o.jpgLASER PHASORS ON CAPPUCINOS! Love how the artist signed the napkin. So all of us are now proud chocolate ray gun sprinklers. Hope you'll be impressed with our work.

FB Weds: 2 games for £5!

1511127_1607966036099443_1502423554351228464_n.jpgTAKE A LOOK INSIDE! Megazone's got a shiny new entrance, a newly refurbished arena and blurry faced staff members in several places at once. Have a walk around and see for yourself! You can see inside our party rooms, our briefing and vesting rooms and, most importantly, our arena. For parents bringing their kids, this might be the first time you've seen how awesome it looks beyond the briefing room door! Please do check out the arena... it's a little bit fantastic :)