Opinions please...

Would you attend a 4 hour unlimited games session for £10 on Fridays? If so what time would you prefer?
2pm until 6pm
3pm until 7pm
4pm until 8pm
I would not be interested in this session
I would be interested in this session but on a different day
If not Friday....What day would you prefer?
FB Weds: 2 games for £5!

1511127_1607966036099443_1502423554351228464_n.jpgTAKE A LOOK INSIDE! Megazone's got a shiny new entrance, a newly refurbished arena and blurry faced staff members in several places at once. Have a walk around and see for yourself! You can see inside our party rooms, our briefing and vesting rooms and, most importantly, our arena. For parents bringing their kids, this might be the first time you've seen how awesome it looks beyond the briefing room door! Please do check out the arena... it's a little bit fantastic :)